Letter to the editor: Played for fools

Played for fools

Received Dec. 2

At last the Republican Congress has proven that it can pass a bill… even if it’s a terrible bill. I mean, they had to do something… even if it was wrong. They were desperate to pass a bill, any bill.

By the year 2019 taxes will increase on people making less than $30,000 a year. By the year 2021 people making less than $40,000 will see their taxes go up. By the year 2027 everyone making less than $75,000 a year will pay more taxes. 62 percent of the tax cuts go to the top 1 percent of the wealthiest people. This is not a tax bill that benefits the poor and middle class. It benefits the rich.

Most people understand just how onerous this bill is. Only 32 percent of Americans approve of the bill. Conversely, 41 percent approved of the George HW Bush tax hikes and 34 percent approved of the Bill Clinton tax hikes. You have to work really hard to produce a tax cut bill that is less popular than tax increases.

When this bill is passed and goes into effect, enjoy your extra $70 or $80 a month. Rush out and spend it. Because come tax time in April 2019 when you reach for all those deductions, they won’t be there. And you will find out that Mr. Risch, Mr. Crapo, and Mr. Simpson have played us for the fools that we are.

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