Letter to the editor: A tribute to a good movie

A tribute to a good movie

Received Dec. 3

My wife and I just saw “Murder on the Orient Express.” It’s a true masterpiece and here’s why.

The author of this story, Dame Agatha Christie, is the best selling novelist of all time with roughly 2 billion copies sold in 103 languages.

This movie has a chronologically-diverse cast from Dame Judi Dench to newer comers like Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp. The costumes, acting, music and scenery are “par excellence.”

It is full of outstanding cinematography with low-light effects, beautiful stills and outstanding panoramic views and close-ups; a blend of older technology, 70 mm Kodak large-format film (with its many attributes) conjoined with cutting-edge digital photography, enhancements and special effects. I especially liked the antique steam locomotive winding through the Swiss Alps in a high-key winter landscape followed by an avalanche.

As a former senior engineer at Kodak, I was mesmerized from start to finish. I watched with knowledge of what they had created and the work and skill required. The trailer confirmed that 3,000 people worked to produce this motion picture.

I wrote a book Our Photographic Heritage covering the history, art, and technology of photography. This movie shows images which document how far we have come. I thought of the time when I worked at Kodak with two Academy Award winners in cinematography; also when we first developed low-light color photography. It was a thrill to capture scenes with only candlelight, campfire etc.

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Idaho Falls