Letter to the editor: Constitution is not the problem

Constitution is not the problem

Received Dec. 5

Only six more states need to get on board to require an Article V convention of the states to amend the U.S. Constitution to require a balanced federal budget. This would require a huge tax increase at the current rate of spending or a large reduction in spending, laying off myriad government workers and a reduction of federal benefits given to states and individuals.

Either way there would be a lot of unhappy people. I feel something must be done about the federal deficit, but am not in favor of an Article V convention.

“The Nation” magazine in its Nov. 20-27, 2017, issue has published an article entitled “The U.S. Constitution is over two centuries old and showing its age,” with a subtitle, “To fix our broken system we need a new constitutional covention.”

The article states, “A convention of states… is the best remaining option for sorely needed constitutional reforms.”

Some of the reforms mentioned are universal health care, education and housing, campaign finance reform, abolishing the Electoral College, a guaranteed living wage and Supreme Court term limits.

This indicates to me that some delegates from large liberal states may have more in mind than a balanced budget.

I feel it important to let our legislators in Boise know we don’t want Idaho to be part of this. The problem is not the Constitution.

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