Letter to the editor: Made a dreadful choice

Made a dreadful choice

Received Dec. 5

I am watching.

Doyle Beck, Frank Vandersloot and company, I speak to you. I am watching.

Yes, I know that the Trump playbook is a powerful one. Fly in with big, half-true helicopter statements that leave little room for opposition. Get attention with big, ugly, poorly written billboards. Target religious sensibilities with scary statements. I know that you do it, because it works.

And you know what? You might get your wish. Your barbs might unseat Mayor Casper. You might bend the city towards your vision of “growth,” which may or may not extend beyond selfish limitations of your own interests, and may or may not bode well for the whole.

Shall a man gain a city, even the whole world, and lose his soul?

That is a dreadful choice, and you have made it. You have broken my heart with your poor examples, and lost my trust in anything you might ever say or do again. I will never, ever forget your choices this day. I will never forget the incivility and unkindness of your billboards. I will never forget the callous dishonesty of the claims you have made. I will never forget your betrayal.

You are free to choose. But you cannot trump the consequences. As a man sows, he reaps. My eyes are full of what you have planted in them, and you will feed on the bitter seeds you have strewn in my memory.

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Idaho Falls