Letter to the editor: Big beautiful Christmas gift

Big beautiful Christmas gift

Received Dec. 7

In 2006, then-Gov. Risch engineered a tax shift by repealing property tax for schools and replacing it with a sales tax hike, this shift benefitting those with expensive homes and lots of property.

He and Sen. Crapo are about to give you a big beautiful Christmas gift in the form of another tax shift with the bulk of the benefits of this proposed tax plan going to corporations and the rich.

The lower wage earners will likely see their taxes go up.

The idea of “trickle down” hasn’t work. According to Warren Buffett, “Forbes 400 richest had $92 billion or $93 billion and how have $2.4 trillion. The trickle down hasn’t worked very well. It’s gush upwards instead.”

Why do the rich need a tax break on privately owned jets? Have you seen a 25 times increase in your wealth since 1992? When Mr. Buffett was asked about the proposed corporate tax cut, he said, “American business has done sensationally in recent years.

They are awash generally in cash; debt is cheap. The goal should be that every one of our 350 million people do reasonable well.” I haven’t read of one organization that states this bill will not add to our deficit up to $2.2 trillion.

So ask Senator Risch and Crapo how they plan to fund “the wall,” an increase in military spending, or any infrastructure improvements. I’ve asked and both have failed to respond. Your children and grandchildren will pay for this. Is this the Christmas gift you wanted?

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Idaho Falls