Letter to the editor: Lots accomplished, but more still to do

Lots accomplished, but more still to do

Received Dec. 16

This has been a really noteworthy year for our city. The Greenbelt has been really taken care of by the Parks and Recreation Dept. What a pleasure to drive, walk or bike around its perimeter. Now that the wild willows have been cut down, we can actually see what a prize we have running through the city. More needs to be done, however, around the boat ramp.

And don’t worry, bird watchers, there are still lots of trees on Keefer’s Island and surrounding areas. Ducks and geese are still very abundant and always will be.

The river is our number one tourist attraction and should be seen. What we still need desperately is a decent size spray park! A city this size should have one to be proud of. But every time the subject comes up, it is either ignored or it’s not way, no how, no money. etc. I would really like to know why the city is so against something that lots and lots of people (kids) could enjoy. An answer to that question is requested!

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Idaho Falls