Letter to the editor: Trump as “Person of the Year”

Trump as “Person of the Year”

Received Dec. 13

The Dec. 18 issue of Time arrived in my mailbox today, and what’s on the cover of the weekly magazine?

Under the banner of “Person of the Year” are five women with the subtitle of “The silence breakers.” This, of course, is in reference to sexual harassment.

Inappropriate advances to the opposite sex is as old as civilization itself. Sadly, this serious social problem is still prevalent today and, personally, I am glad to see that this vice continues to be seriously addressed at all levels of government, and society in general.

This unacceptable social behavior must cease.

Sympathetic and concerned as I am over the sexual harassment issue, I have to ask: Why haven’t Time Magazine editors designated President Donald Trump as “Person of the Year”?

Trump becoming the chief executive of the U.S. is the top news story of 2017.

While a firestorm of political battles surround Trump, he’s implementing his agenda. As far as I’m concerned, one of his top priorities is the economy, which is rebounding substantially. Also, foreign policy is a major concern, especially with the perpetual crisis in the Middle East, and North Korea threatening us with nuclear obliteration.

Love him, despise him, respect him or scorn him, Trump is at the helm of our great nation. His victory as the underdog in a hard fought campaign caught virtually all of us by surprise. As such, Trump deserves proper recognition from a contentious national media.

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