Letter to the editor: When will we wake up?

When will we wake up?

Received Dec. 15

It is often said that if we ignore history, it will repeat itself. We are about to witness history repeating itself.

Remember when Gov. Risch led the charge to reduce property taxes? Remember the 20 percent increase in the state sales tax that followed? Who do you think benefited from the property tax cut? The answer, of course, is those who own property. The higher the value of your property, the more you saved in property tax. In other words, the wealthy benefited most from the tax cut.

Who do you think was hurt the most by the increase in sales tax? The answer, of course, is those who spend the largest portion of their income just to survive. Lower income earners spend virtually every cent they get. Therefore they pay sales tax on virtually every cent of their income. Who suffers most from a sales tax increase? The poor.

Sen. Risch is about to pull the same double switch on America that he pulled on Idaho. The Republican tax bill, for which Risch will vote, will do nothing more than shift the tax burden from the rich to the poor and middle class.

All three members of our congressional delegation will vote for the tax shift. They will not vote in our best interest. Yet we vote for them over and over and over. When will we wake up?

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