Letter to the editor: Dictionary word of the year

Dictionary word of the year

Received Dec. 16

The English/Oxford Dictionary has announced that “its” 2017 word of the year is something called: “Youthquake,” a term which is to describe any significant cultural, political, or social change brought about by the actions of young people. (read Millennials)

Vogue Editor, Diana Vreeland informs us that subject or term has been around now for 50 years!

Somehow, I managed to miss it. Those of us who fail to fully recognize, or comprehend the significance associated with a “Youthquake” will henceforth be defined as a “Broflake.” It’s all right there in the English/Oxford Dictionary!

It appears to be a typical Millennial-inspired effort to reduce or remove the stigma of being identified as a Millennial. (Millennialism is the result of what a truly screwed-up, U.S. educational system can do to otherwise innocent, naive, young people).


A meaningful, descriptive, term of which the Millennial, intellectual, elite can be proud.

(Word count: 147)


Afton, Wyoming