Letter to the editor: Let Mueller finish

Let Mueller finish

Received Dec. 19

Some probably have been or will try to convince you over the next few days that Robert Mueller is trying to destroy America. There is a concerted effort by right wing activists and even members of our Congress to discredit and de-legitimize Mr. Mueller’s investigation.

This is the same man who, last May, was embraced by both Democrats and Republicans as the most qualified man in America to conduct the investigation. That support included Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich among others.

Now, as the investigation enters the Oval Office, many who praised Mueller have been helping to fuel conspiracy theories that Mueller can’t be trusted.

Text messages between two FBI agents who disparaged Trump (as well as Clinton and others) are “proof” that Mueller is incapable of being unbiased. It should be highlighted that the Trump campaign was being investigated by the FBI prior to Mueller’s appointment as special counsel.

Once he was appointed and found out about the texting, he removed those agents from the case. For the sake of our democracy, it is imperative, in my opinion, that we support the special council’s investigation and let him finish so we can decide for ourselves the the credibility of the case.

Let’s remember there have already been four indictments and that two people have plead guilty to lying about their contacts with Russia. If we don’t allow him to finish, we lose the free democratic society we enjoy today.

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