Letter to the editor: It’s rude not to RSVP

It’s rude not to RSVP

Received Dec. 20

When you get an invitation to a party with RSVP on it, I was wondering the true meaning of it. I looked it up and it says that if an invitation has RSVP on it, that you should let the hostess know if you will or will not attend.

We attended a very nice Christmas party the other night. The hostess had lots of nice food for snacking on during the evening. I was appalled when there were only seven guests that showed up. One couple called to say they were sick and would not attend. I know they invited quite a few people who did not RSVP at all. I think this is so rude of people to not call the hostess, as she went to a lot of work preparing the food and there was so much left over.

So people, if you get an invitation with RSVP on it, please have the courtesy to reply yes or no with a call, text or email. How hard is that to do?

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Idaho Falls