Letter to the editor: D91 redux

D91 redux

Received Dec. 21

A new District 91 school bond re-run is in the making. Will D-91 redux be a cookie-cutter plan repackaged? Public input is requested. Does that mean, “We had a perfect plan, but slipped up on on presentation and marketing,” or that “We need to rethink elements of the plan itself.”

Reportedly, advocates for the original Idaho Falls High School bond represented that the new high school would be built to be expanded. This suggests the obvious question - Why not expand the existing facility? A much larger student body could share the same athletic field, and - as local builders can confirm - older buildings are retrofitted with WiFi and data and electric cables all the time.

Hence this question: How much money, if any, would that save compared to building an entire new high school facility, land costs included?

Other questions: Given population growth, we need to ask whether Idaho Falls is headed into a Denver or Tucson style sprawl, or along a more core-city centered pattern? Have student transportation patterns been factored in? Assuming that high school classes will be closely coordinated with our new junior college, how will time and distance factors be affected?

I would like to be able to conscientiously vote yes on the bond issue.

So I urge the bond advocates not to rush this. Spare us a cookie-cutter re-run with only cosmetic changes.

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Idaho Falls