Letter to the editor: Better off in Massachusetts?

Better off elsewhere?

Received Feb. 17

I laughed as I read Jim Key’s commentary on “fake news” until I realized he was serious.

Although even liberals admit that the majority of news outlets in this country have a left wing bias, Key sainted them as “… ensuring sources are vetted, agendas are avoided, and conclusions are balanced and justified.”

He named some of “good guys,” conveniently leaving out the most blatant political extensions of the Democratic Party like MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, et. al.

According to Key, any news outlet with a conservative slant is “foul and sinister,” “bottom of the barrel,” “manipulate(s) their reader/listener,” and gives “opinions that lack any basis in fact.”

Furthermore, he pronounces people who are liberal thinkers “independent and smart,” and have a “balanced and unbiased view of current events.”

On the other hand, if you are conservative and watch conservative leaning programs, your “inner insecurities” are being stimulated, you are being “manipulated,” you “lack independent thought,” “you are a low information citizen principally interested in entertainment,” you make “life decisions based on what Fox… wants you to do,” and you “count on opinions that lack any basis in fact.”

He noted that 92 percent of Idahoans voted for Trump because they had all been deceived by “fake news.” and he needed to save them as “low information citizens.”

It appears Key is a former research and development manager. Could it be he researched and developed “fake opinions”?

Being an 8 percenter, perhaps he would feel better living in Massachusetts.

(Word count: 250)


Idaho Falls