Letter to the editor: Better ways to honor military

Better ways to honor military

Received Feb. 22

I agree with Mr. Ziel (Feb. 22) that military personnel should be honored. I just don’t agree that a big July 4 parade in Washington, DC, is the best way to do so. A huge parade is more lip service. I can think of better ways to honor our military personnel.

This parade is estimated to cost $20 million or more, which is a significant amount of money. It would be better used in any of the following ways: divide that amount by the number of active duty personnel and give them a one-time bonus; earmark that money for programs for disabled veterans, including service dog programs, PTSD programs, or to programs to modify their homes for better handicap access; use the money to ensure better VA hospital or alternate medical service access; or give it to support VA retirement homes.

If you really want to honor military personnel, make sure the money goes to a program that will actually assist them in some way, not to a one day spectacle designed to showcase the President as much or more than the military personnel performing in that spectacle.

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Idaho Falls