Letter to the editor: Waste in HS sports

Waste in HS sports

Received Feb. 20

Do we really need this thing called a district tournament? School districts are looking for ways to cut costs — here’s a way!

I’m all for sports. I played football and hockey in high school. After the season, the top team of each class went to the big tournament. If you must have a playoff, invite only the top two or three teams. A team with a losing record doesn’t deserve to be in a tournament. Basketball recently finished for the season.

Boys basketball:

5A: Madison 7-1, Hillcrest 6-2, Highland 4-4, Rigby 2-6, Bonneville 1-7

4A: Preston 10-0, Idaho Falls 6-4, Skyline 5-5, Century 5-5, Blackfoot 3-7, Pocatello 1-9

3A: Sugar-Salem City 6-0, Shelley 4-2, S. Fremont 2-4, Teton 0-6

2A: Ririe 7-1, Firth 6-2, N. Fremont 5-3, West Jefferson 2-6, Salmon 0-8

These are conference games. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine the best two teams in each district.

Forget the 20 game season and just have the district tournament or forget the tournament and send the two best teams from the season play to the state. Occasionally, a team with a losing or marginal record wins the district and then gets clobbered in the state. We should send only the best teams to state.

Usually, when two teams play in the district, both teams are bused to a neutral school. They also have to pay the refs. How cost effective is this for school districts?

Bonneville girls team won the consolation title last week.

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Idaho Falls