Letter to the editor: Heart, not flag, is heavy

Heart, not flag, is heavy

Received Feb. 20

I proudly fly the flag in front of my business, and happily put out a flag in front of my house. I love my country and it truly makes me feel good seeing this symbol of freedom fly high.

Recently, our great flag has been at half staff too much. I cannot remember any time in my 57 years when we’ve so many times been instructed to lower the flag. My strength in my arms is fine, the rope I pull is not heavy, but my heart is weighed down like never before.

My daughter and her student athlete friends at ISU have been discussing and planning what to do in the event of a mass shooting. Our children see this as a not if, but when, scenario. Polls on television tell us the percentage who think gun laws or mental health issues are to blame. Both need to be looked at and the way one affects the other is the true key.

Fund mental health programs again, enact common sense checks and balances and put military grade weapons in the hands of only those who need them — the military.

Our legislators are working hard on Sharia law, conspiracy theories and cake baking, but I’ll sleep a lot better if they came up with some action that would again allow our children to be able to go to school not wondering if they’ll ever come home that night.

I hope and pray our flag will fly high and our leaders overcome their partisan bickering to help make it so.

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Idaho Falls