Letter to the editor: A good place to start

A good place to start

Received Feb. 21

I don’t pretend to know all the answers or solutions but feel Jeffrey B. Lewis (Feb. 21) gave a good place to start. As he stated, our kids need a moral compass using the Judeo-Christion model. Respect for human life needs to be emphasized, bullying needs to be dealt with along with mental health issues. Blaming does not solve the problem. I doubt government and more gun laws will help. We’ve had a war on drugs for years, but addicts are still able to get what they want. Even if guns were outlawed, criminals would still find a way to get them. Since making our schools weapons free, shooters know nobody will shoot back and besides they get lots of media attention.

Switzerland was neutral during World War II. All males were required to have a weapon along with a period of yearly training. Hitler did not occupy that country because he knew he would not not only be facing an army, but the whole male population. Responsible gun ownership helps keep a country free. As Mr. Lewis stated we already have a number of gun laws that need to be enforced. Perhaps training, education and moral living are the key.

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