Letter to the editor: Wow, it’s hold-your-nose time

Wow, it’s hold-your-nose time

Received Feb. 23

Post Register, you’re making me develop a massive case of the fantods. That’s a pity, because I’m actually a nice lady with low tolerance for nitwittery. I’m harmless until I’m at a keyboard. I read local news and sometimes it sickens me.

Cheers to the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee and their choice of speaker for the Lincoln Day fundraiser April 14. They must have learned of a shortage of scum-sucking bottom feeders at the new aquarium. Why else would they still welcome Dinesh D’Souza, who tosses around accusations against students whose 17 classmates and instructors had the nerve to step in front of bullets and die?

Perhaps when D’Souza finishes speaking at the Melaleuca Headquarters gag fest, they’re going to provide him with a night’s lodging at the aquarium so he can scum suck and bottom feed some more. Maybe it’s a community service.

Oh, wait. It’ll never happen. I strongly suspect that the East Idaho Aquarium owners have far more stringent regulations for what happens on their watch, than does that jolly band of merry medievalists who last year couldn’t stomach the nerve of more kids getting educated at a long-overdue, local community college.

Too bad we can’t ask Abraham Lincoln how he feels about Lincoln Day featuring a speaker like D’Souza, with his vitriolic brand of acid reflux. Good thing D’Souza wasn’t there in Ford’s Theatre when JW Booth shot Lincoln. D’Souza probably would have blamed Lincoln for going to see a play that night.

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Idaho Falls