Letter to the editor: Armed teachers could protect kids

Armed teachers could protect kids

Received Feb. 19

School shootings can be reduced big time by having the states sponsor each school to have some of their teachers and staff with concealed carry permits, maybe 10 percent of them. This would be more cost effective and reasonable than hiring a bunch of armed guards as some have suggested. Permit holders go through special training to qualify.

A major deterrent of bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. Schools should let it be known that this is their policy, not try to hide it. It’s a logical guess that shooters would tend to avoid places where they know that someone may shoot back. This practice may reduce the risk of any shooting taking place. If a shooting is started, the concealed carriers converge on the shooter and stop his carnage by a drastic amount.

Schools would be much safer. The concealed carriers could be given some small compensation for their added responsibility.

Other measures would also make sense, such as limiting school access and having metal detectors at the entrances like they have at court houses and the INL.

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Idaho Falls