Letter to the editor: This has to stop

This has to stop

Received Feb. 23

I’m an old veteran who has things to say. I promise to ramble on.

Why do people think more legislation will help prevent shootings? Anybody who feels the need to kill won’t obey the law. How about we enforce the existing laws and save a basket of money to spend on things important to the public?

Trump says he wants to appreciate the veterans. Why then are there so many homeless vets? I am reasonably sure that if we put them up in a mini home, hire them to stand guard over our children and be efficient, we would see a huge change in those numbers. Teachers are not combat trained and a school shooting is, indeed, a combat zone.

How about parents act like parents; as opposed to casual acquaintances, or friends? Some, but certainly not all, kids are “with it” and some believe in the “hurray for me and screw you” philosophy. They need structure in their lives. That comes from parents.

Our government has succumbed to greed. It has to stop. Only someone who lives under a rock would believe that we have it right. Legislators have intentionally created the hate spiral we are in now. They think that in the turmoil, they can jam thru all their selfish and corrupt legislation.

Social Security is not an entitlement, except that it is already our money. Borrow the same money from Congress’ retirement knowing full well you are not gonna pay it back and see what they do.

(Word count: 250)


Yuma, Ariz.