Local column: I get it now

It took me awhile to catch on, but the shenanigans of our elected officials must certainly reflect what Idaho wants since we keep voting for them, writes George Morrison.

A quick update on Idaho news.

First, our Congressional representation: Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch are splendid examples of standing for the ideals of Idahoans. Most Idahoans want a larger national debt and unlimited spending of the military, cutting social and educational programs and also $25 billion for a wall to keep out those pesky brown farm workers — you know, the ones who make the dairies and large farms successful?

And, of course, who isn’t for a big tax break for those of the rich who might actually pay taxes. Upward welfare we call it here at home. Vote for it men!

President Trump represents the best of Idaho family values, just like Congressman Raul Labrador. That is Labrador’s new campaign slogan: “Idaho Family Values.”

He fully supports the president on this matter; that is why he and the rest of the delegation never criticize the president’s dilly-dallies. The president can’t help it. He’s just one of the boys in the locker room. Not to be confused with “Lock her up.”

Moving to the state issues, we have even more of which to be proud.

Wasting time is a well-honed legislative pastime. Our legislators can propose more worthless, time wasting bills than any other state and talk about them for days to no avail. We are so proud of them. The bills they do pass are even more representative of our values, like not allowing those unconstitutional foreign laws to be used in our courts. There’s a lot of communists out there and they do get pushy.

Education is a big issue in most states and we are no different. However those other questionable states have the emphasis all wrong. Since we rank 49th in many areas that are unacceptable to our Legislature, they want it to be 50th, by God! And they are working at it. Teachers don’t need more money; they only work part of the day anyway. They don’t call us “potato heads” for nothing.

It’s not the dumbing down of Idaho, as those left wing nuts call it. It is just narrowing the window of knowledge, so they can see things as we mature adults see them. Why can’t the rest of the country figure this out? Darn liberals.

For a state Legislature that hates taxes, it seems funny that we accept $1.30 back from the federal government for each $1.00 dollar we pay in. Now there is a goal for the Legislature. Stop taking all those federal dollars! They are tainted and we don’t want them. You are supposed to vote “no” on everything except tax cuts for those rich folks who need them the most. Do your job.

Space doesn’t permit more news, but watch this column. The Legislature provides copious amounts of wisdom and, as I finally catch on to it, I will impart it to you.

In the meanwhile, don’t waste your time with all the fake news. It will only mess with your firm, indefensible, ideological concepts and it might give you a headache.

Morrison is a retired INL worker with a degree in political science; and a continuing student of politics, history and economics.