Letter to the editor: Armed, trained school staff

Armed, trained school staff

Received Feb. 28

The recent school shooting has led to all sorts of useless proposals.

However, soldiers are armed and prepared for battle, and, how often do they harm one another? Never!

We visit our local grocery store and are not alarmed by the possibility that there may be someone there with concealed carry. We ride on an airplane and are not concerned that there may be an armed marshal on board. We enter the police station and are not alarmed by the many armed police officers.

So, why should we be concerned if our schools contain trained armed teachers and administrators?

The solution for school safety is having many who are volunteers and who are trained in the use of their particular firearm. One school put up a sign indicating that there were concealed carry people within the school.

The only one guilty in a school shooting is the shooter: Not the NRA or the gun manufacturer, or sheriff. I believe the only defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The safety of our children demands that we have many armed people on staff.

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Idaho Falls