Letter to the editor: Be careful with labels

Be careful with labels

Received Feb. 22

With respect to my commentary on news vs. entertainment, I was asked to add an Idaho connection to my original draft and time was short.

The 92 percent number was from memory. After checking reliable national polling data, the real answer lies around 59.3 percent of Idaho voted for Trump, still dominant. I am following the practice of reputable media with a correction. However, I stand by my conclusions.

Kirk Tingey’s rebuttal does an excellent job of proving my points. He says that “liberals admit that the majority of news outlets in this country have a left-wing bias.” Really? Where’s his reference? Further, “Any news outlet with a conservative slant is ‘foul and sinister.’” My article does not have this statement. Quite to the contrary, had I not been running short of space, I would have pointed out two of my favorite conservative columnists, George Will and David Brooks, who uphold traditional conservative philosophy, write for the Washington Post and New York Times, respectively.

I object to applying labels to every point with which you disagree. I am neither 100 percent liberal nor 100 percent conservative. It depends on the issue and I reserve the right to analyze the issue and then support the side with the most merit—which is really the point of my article.

All Tingey displays is the same use of group right-wing think that I argued against. I hope he has better cognition when he reads medical journals than commentary.

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Idaho Falls