Letter to the editor: Fear is always an easy sell

Fear is always an easy sell

Received Feb. 26

For a long time, scaring people has been used to sell. It sells face creams, makeup, hair products, Viagra, alarm systems and a lot of things. As long as I can remember it has been used.

Remember the woman crying because her husband won’t hold hands with her and her friend lifts one of the woman’s hands and says, “No wonder! Look at these rough, red hands. You need to use xxxx dish detergent?”

Since the ’70s the NRA has been telling people that “they” are coming to take your guns. Have you ever heard of ex-post-facto? If you legally bought a gun and it becomes outlawed, the law will not allow them to come take the guns you already have. Taking your guns away is a lie.

I do not belong to a political party. I do not understand why this has become a political issue. There is the lie about them taking your guns and there is a Republican who said nasty things about the survivors of the Parkland School massacre. It is bad enough that D’Souza is so uncouth. What is worse, is that he is to be the featured speaker at a Republican Lincoln Dinner. Please take the name “Lincoln” off your dinner. It would look better if your featured speaker was a decent Republican like Bart Davis or Brent Hill or even Butch Otter.

Does D’Souza define your party, now?

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Idaho Falls