Letter to the editor: Extreme supermajority puts kids at risk

Extreme supermajority puts kids at risk

Received March 2

Before we moved to Idaho Falls, our school district had a 6th grade center and a middle school. It provided a nice transition from elementary to middle school. However, the 6th grade center was old, outdated and the kids had to walk outside daily to a separate cafeteria building. The schools were not overcrowded. The teachers were great. However, a district task force determined that with such outdated facilities, it was time for improvement. And foremost in their mind was the safety of their students. Children were exposed every day - outside. The district had a responsibility to keep the kids safe. A bond was proposed and passed - with a simple majority - not the extreme “super majority” that the Idaho Legislature has imposed on us. They built a new state-of-the-art middle school. The kids are safe. They never have to walk outside. Access to the school is controlled and monitored.

Now my kids attend IFHS. The facilities are extremely outdated and children must walk outside every day - completely exposed to any disgruntled or mentally unstable former student or employee who might want to take their revenge. We owe it to our children to protect them. Trust your school board. They do research. They look for the best options. They know that the time is long overdue for new, updated, safe, and protected schools for our children.

Vote yes when the high school bond is presented again. We do not want Idaho Falls to be the next school tragedy.

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Idaho Falls