Feds announce $10 million for wildfire projects in 12 states

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell walks in high desert plains of Blackstock Springs area near the Idaho-Oregon border where the Soda Mountain Fire charred over 280,000 acres of land in 2015. Secretary Jewell toured the progress of a five-year project Tuesday May 24, 2016 to restore the affected areas back to a sagebrush steppe ecosystem. (AP photo, Darin Oswald/Idaho Statesman)

MARSING — Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on Tuesday toured a massive wildfire rehabilitation effort in southwest Idaho that’s part of the federal government’s new wildfire strategy and then announced $10 million for projects in 12 states to reduce wildfire threats.

The black-crowned night heron is a stealthy hunter

Black-crowned night herons can be seen hunting during the day in the spring as they look for extra calories for the breeding season. Terry Thomas

Hunters prowl the skies and the marshes at Market Lake Wildlife Management Area, making it a very scary place to be a mouse, fish or invertebrate. Short-eared, long-eared and great horned owls, harriers, ibis, cormorants, gulls, avocets, black-necked stilts, osprey, bitterns and more all vie for protein packaged as prey species. Most of the predators target a fairly small spectrum of prey. Owls and hawks are largely mousers. Cormorants like fish; avocets and stilts hunt for small invertebrates.

Tips for getting outside in wet weather

Sometimes the low-tech solution, such as this rain poncho, can work the best. Getty Images

A few years ago, some friends and I decided to hike from the South Teton Canyon up to Alaska Basin, around Buck Mountain and down Death Canyon in a day. One of our annual Teton up-and-over hikes. We were to be picked up on the other side by wives and friends.

Capitol Reef a well kept secret among numerous attractions

Temple of the Moon stands tall and prominent in the Cathedral Valley area.

Capitol Reef National Park has to be a closely guarded secret among those in the tourist industry in Utah. How else can you explain a national park that is surrounded by national parks, monuments and recreation areas yet gets only a million visitors a year? Or the fact that more than a million people live just three and a half hours north yet most don’t know it exists? It isn’t exactly a newcomer on the scene either. It started out as a national monument during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first term as President.

A mystery in Box Canyon

Ashlin Cuneo, left, and Nicole Pursley peek into the man-made cave with a metal door on it in Box Canyon east of Howe on Saturday. Many fanciful stories surround the purpose of the structure that sits on Bureau of Land Management land in a Wilderness Study Area. (Jerry Painter photo)

About a mile up a bumpy jeep road in Box Canyon east of Howe is a mystery wrapped in an enigma surrounded by some goofiness.

Vote to protect our wild places

Wildlife can’t vote so we need to vote for candidates who will support and defend them and their homes. Terry Thomas

Ads are popping up on my cell phone interrupting some very important games of solitaire. Increasingly, the ads are for various political candidates. Although I close them without reading or responding, they keep showing up.

Researchers in 4 states unite for rare wolverine study

This undated file photo shows a wolverine in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Researchers are working on a plan to study wolverines in four Rocky Mountain states in the winter of 2016 to see if the animals can be reintroduced to some regions to boost their numbers and see how they might travel between mountain ranges. A researcher for Montana’s wildlife agency says that state, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington are working together because there are so few wolverines and they are spread across a wide area. (Jeff Copeland/Glacier National Park/The Missoulian via AP, File)

GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) — Researchers are working on a plan to study wolverines in four Rocky Mountain states to see if the animals that look like small bears with big claws can be reintroduced to some regions to boost their numbers and see how they might travel between mountain ranges.

An Idaho-like ride in Moab

A mass of cyclists — nearly 500 — gather at the start of the Gran Fondo Moab on Saturday morning for the start of the race/ride out of town and through the nearby La Sal Mountains for 60 miles. (Photo by Brian Edgerton)

Fickle might be the best word to describe the weather in Moab, Utah on Saturday.

The dangers found in nature

Uranium mines like these at Capitol Reef National Park dot the landscape of southern Utah, dating from an era when uranium mining was promoted for national defense.

Humans have been searching for ways to relieve suffering from arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, cancer and just about every other painful malady for centuries. About 100 years ago, they thought they had found the solution and a huge quack or patent medicine industry quickly moved in to take advantage of this new “cure-all” drug found in naturally occurring elements like uranium and radium.


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