All downhill from here

Over-the-Hill Downhillers detour from coasting down the Northern Pacific Multi-use Trail from Lookout pass to push their bikes through a concrete culvert known as the “Tunnel of Love” to the group of 60-somethings that grew up in Wallace. Rich Landers/The Spokesman-Review

After receiving the invitation to bicycle with the North Idaho Over-the-Hill Downhillers, I had just one day to train.

Fishing in Yellowstone unlike any other place

An angler walks across an old thermal area next to the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park earlier this month. For the past five years the park has averaged around 41,000 anglers a year. Brett French

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — We joked about fishing on the moon as we stepped onto the scorched white earth, its baked surface crunching underfoot.

The beautiful but elusive evening grosbeak

Evening grosbeaks, like this male at Harriman State Park, are a treat to see any time. Terry Thomas

As I pulled into a parking space at Harriman State Park for Heritage Days last week, a small flock of birds flushed from the gravel. I didn’t pay them much mind at first, thinking instead how to best set up my display to sell a few more copies of my book. But then a flash of color caught my eye and I reached for the binoculars.

Fixing a flat the fast way

Jerry Painter’s tour bike leans against a stump of petrified wood next to the entrance sign to the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona during a recent ride across Arizona and New Mexico on Route 66. Fixing flat tires became a common occurrence during the ride. (Jerry Painter photo)

I was parked off the shoulder on Interstate 40 in Arizona with my touring bike fixing a flat rear tire when a car pulled up next to me. I looked up and it was a highway patrolman.

Aquariums show the vast aquatic diversity

This leafy sea dragon is a fish related to seahorses, is but one example of the amazing wildlife that exists but is hidden in the waters of this world. Aquariums give us a window to these marvels. Terry Thomas

Collectively, the oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands of this planet can make most terrestrial habitats seem almost barren. Each has its own unique properties resulting in flora and fauna often exclusive to its waters.

Yankee Fork restoration continues

Trout Unlimited first got involved in restoration on the Yankee Fork in 2008, with its first project beginning in 2012. In addition to returning sections of the river to its original channel, the organization uses heavy machinery to moved fell trees into the stream to provide cover for fish, as well as nutrients for insects. Courtesy of Trout Unlimited

The U.S. Forest Service has again commenced restoration work in the Yankee Fork basin east of Stanley.

Yellowstone Lake: Stalking lake trout

An angler casts his line in Yellowstone Lake. Lake trout appeared in the lake in the mid-1990s, and managers have worked to remove them ever since. A recent eradication method has shown the most promise in ridding the lake of the invasive predatory fish.

POWELL, Wyo. — Unbidden lake trout in Yellowstone Lake may find they can swim, but they cannot hide — if Trout Unlimited, federal and state entities and volunteers have their way.


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