Vintage-trailer enthusiasts camp in retro style

Watt “Orbie” Mungall’s 1952 Silver Streak Clipper required three weeks of polishing, six hours a day, after he bought it alongside a highway. Chadd Cripe / Idaho Statesman

THREE ISLAND CROSSING STATE PARK — The vintage camp trailers that were gathered for a rally last month at this park bordering the Snake River in Glenns Ferry “all tell their own story,” Les Blair said.

Nature’s impact on our experiences

An experience with a flock of young pinyon jays was a reminder of the important role memories play in our lives.

Vast broken land unfolded before me as I looked east to the distant Henry Mountains of southern Utah. Like sand dunes frozen in time, red Navajo sandstone mounds mixed with rugged gray canyons. Pinyon pine and Utah juniper forested the red desert sand wherever the rock gave way.

Riding in the park on a wet day

A mug of soda pop proudly proclaims that the Frostop Drive-In has been in Ashton since 1965. The root beer hit the spot after a long, wet day of riding. Jerry Painter

On the bike ride back from Old Faithful to West Yellowstone, Mont., we had two choices of positions to ride in, the front or the back. Both had problems.

Mt. Spokane’s ice crawler a unique species

Sean Schoville, assistant professor of entomology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison holds a vile with a Mt. Spokane ice crawler March 31. Schoville is researching the genetic differences of the ice crawlers. Andy Manis, special to The Spokesman-Review

SPOKANE - Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of years ago, flightless, cold-loving bugs on Mount Spokane got separated from the rest of their species.

War on non-native mussels

Quagga mussels have totally fouled this propeller found on a boat in Lake Mead. Terry Thomas

I was at the decontamination station at Glen Canyon’s Lake Powell a few weeks ago. The technician inspected boats to ensure that no invasive quagga mussels were leaving the lake to be potentially deposited in another body of water. A few boat owners were waiting somewhat impatiently for the inspections to end so they could be on their way. There were a few comments about government wasting time and money.


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