The slow season

Even old snowcoaches like this Bombardier with skis on the front and tracks in the back are required to meet Yellowstone’s more stringent sound and emission standards. Brett French

OLD FAITHFUL, Wyo. — The contrast is stark, and not just because of the bright white snow that blankets the steaming, otherworldly landscape.

Winter fun in your backyard

A boy practices cross-country skiing at Tautphaus Park in Idaho Falls on Saturday. The city’s Parks and Recreation department grooms trails at Freeman and Tautphaus parks for cross-country skiers, skate skiers and fat bikers. After Friday’s snowfall, the skiers were out in force on Saturday. Jerry Painter

My wife, dog Sunny and I got to Tautphaus Park for a Saturday afternoon ski and I immediately discovered I’d made a mistake.

Winter tree behavior

Even when evergreen trees aren’t covered with snow, little photosynthesis may occur during the winter. There is still an advantage to being evergreen though. Terry Thomas

In the economy of nature, there are only winners. Substandard designs and survival strategies are constantly tested but never pass the greatest test of all: time.

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