Teton Pass on two wheels

A cyclist rides down the old Teton Pass road past a pair of horseback riders going up the road Saturday. The road is open only to nonmotorized traffic and starts near the town of Wilson, Wyo. The road starts at Teton Pass and connects into the Jackson Hole bike path system in Wilson.

On Saturday I had one of those “aha” moments riding into Wilson, Wyo., on my bike, looking around and saying out loud, “What a great day to be riding a bike!”

Finding the rest of Idaho

Deadwood Reservoir is just one of thousands of Idaho gems and is far more attractive than its name might imply. It is worth the 5-hour drive. Terry Thomas

Most of Owyhee County is a black hole for me. Otherwise, I used to feel that I have done a reasonably admirable job of at least touching base with most of Idaho.

Packers come to learn from the mules

Packs to hold gear toted by animals are often intricately held together with an elaborate series of various knots. In addition, weight distribution of a load can change throughout a trip. Rocks can serve as good weights to even out the load. Getty Images

The best teachers at the Ninemile Remount Depot’s packing class never say a word, and might kick you into next week if you get a lesson wrong.

Yellowstone’s golden treasure

The golden eagle may not get much attention from Yellowstone National Park visitors, but the big raptor has carved out a unique niche in the mountainous ecosystem, possibly due to the availability of elk carcasses, according to recent research. Dylan Schneider photo

Mention Yellowstone National Park and golden eagles are not a species likely to spring to mind like bison, elk, wolves or bears.

Secretive marsh birds are experts in camouflage

This American bittern at Market Lake is a master of disguise and stealth, even in plain sight you may not see it. Terry Thomas

The onk-a-chonk call of the American bittern at Market Lake Wildlife Management Area was close and unmistakable. In fact, it was almost like a Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry taunt, “Go ahead punk, try and find me.” And try I did, looking for a bird so well camouflaged that even its behavior of pointing its bill straight to the sky mimics reeds and cattails. Even when calling, this bird can be very hard to find indeed. I finally gave up. Again.


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