Snow caving practice hones winter survival skills

Lexi Nelson and Shannon Lavada check out the newly carved snow cave they built near Lookout Pass during an overnight snowshoeing trek with the Spokane Mountaineers. Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review

A group of Spokane Mountaineers shouldered packs last weekend and snowshoed out from Lookout Pass with shovels and positive attitudes for their first winter camping experience in snow caves.

Hunting, fishing groups fume over lead restrictions

Fishing sinkers illustrate the question anglers have about the possibility that weights such as these containing lead or zinc will be outlawed by the federal government in order to protect waterfowl. Charles Kelly / Associated Press

Some hunting, shooting and fishing organizations are fuming over pending lead restrictions on ammunition and fishing tackle for some federal lands approved through executive action by the Obama administration before he left office.


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