Eco-group billboard blitz to greet Zinke in Montana

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke speaks at the Interior Department in April. Associated Press file

HELENA, Mont. — Environmental groups plan to crash the homecoming in Montana next week of President Donald Trump’s Interior Department secretary with billboards, television ads and speeches to pressure him on issues from national monuments to sage grouse.

Idaho sequoia tied to John Muir set for move

Workers prune the roots and built a burlap, plywood and steel-pipe structure to contain the rootball so they can move the roughly 100-foot sequoia tree In Boise, Idaho, Thursday, June 22, 2017. The sequoia tree sent more than a century ago by naturalist John Muir to Idaho and planted in a Boise medical doctor's yard has become an obstacle to progress. So the 98-foot (30-meter) sequoia planted in 1912 and that's in the way of a Boise hospital's expansion is being uprooted and moved about a block to city property this weekend. (AP Photo/Rebecca Boone)

BOISE — Workers in Idaho prepared to inflate rolling tubes beneath a massive sequoia that grew over more than a century from a seed sent by naturalist John Muir. Then, they’ll wrestle the tree up a ramp to street level Friday.

Theodore Roosevelt Park out of the way, worth the trip

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is subtly beautiful with colored rock, rolling hills, rivers and cottonwood filled ravines. It is the peacefulness though, the same quality that Roosevelt sought out when he came here in 1884, that makes this lightly visited park unique. Terry Thomas /


Alaska fatal black bear maulings seen as flukes

A sign warns people that the trail head is closed on Monday, June 19, 2017, after a fatal bear mauling at Bird Ridge Trail in Anchorage, Alaska. Authorities say a black bear killed a 16-year-old runner while he was competing in an Alaska race on Sunday. (AP Photo/Mark Thiessen)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Back-to-back fatal maulings of people by black bears in Alaska appear to be flukes by rogue animals, experts said Tuesday. But they warn that people venturing into bear habitat should always carry repellent spray or guns.

The day an Idaho bear hunter became prey

Several surgeries later and still recovering from his injuries, Marvin Jennings and his wife, Jamie, recount the bear’s attack on Marvin after it had been baited and shot. Katherine Jones / Idaho Statesman

Lifelong Idaho hunter Marvin Jennings has bagged his share of black bears over the years. The 43-year-old grew up in Boise but has lived in the mountains of Boise County for the past 20 years. He hunts big-game animals and waterfowl for food.



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