Tracing the history of bison

Bison climb a hill after swimming across the Yellowstone River in the Hayden Valley. Yellowstone’s bison are descendants of animals that crossed from Asia about 130,000 to 195,000 years ago according to newly published DNA research.

The ancestors of Yellowstone National Park’s bison migrated to North America much later than previously believed, according to newly published research.

The cost of recovery

Washington Fish and Wildlife Department wildlife biologist Scott Becker records data on a yearling female gray wolf captured in a trap so it can be fitted with a GPS collar and released. The wolf was caught July 15, 2013 in a trap set by wildlife technician Gabe Spence, right. Technician Trent Roussin, center, is preparing the collar while Spence attaches ear tags. Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review

Wolves don’t come cheap.


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