Outside things to be thankful about

Sunrises and sunsets are one of those free gifts given to outdoor lovers on an almost daily basis. This sunrise is framed by the Teton Range to the east of the Ashton area. (Jerry Painter photo)

On Saturday, a friend and I were driving back from the Heise area after spending the afternoon rock climbing near Wolf Flats and witnessed one of the world’s great free gifts: an amazing sunset.

Race to the top

Backcountry skiing competition is garnering regional and international status with a world-caliber qualifying event in McCall next month and a shot at Olympic sanctioning in the future.

Beat the darkness by building birdhouses

Bird houses are not only a great way to spend a few winter evenings, but also a wonderful activity for kids to participate in.

The change to daylight saving time forced me to contemplate the long, dark winter evenings ahead. I do hope to get out and enjoy some nighttime activities, but reality suggests that there are still going to be a lot of hours spent at home.


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