Winter camping can reset your internal clock

The winter sun rises above the Colorado Rockies where a group of campers were studied to see what affect exposure to sunlight has on people during the short daylight hours. Courtesy Sleep and Chronobiology Lab, University of Colorado Boulder

Camping in winter can be miserable. The nights seem painfully long. I toss, turn and check my watch frequently, wondering how it is that only an hour has passed since I last checked the clock.

Popular landscaping bush kills big-game animals

Lynn Kinter, lead botanist for Idaho Fish and Game demonstrates how to wrap a Japanese yew plant in burlap to help protect animals from eating its poisonous leaves. Monday February, 06, 2017.

BOISE — Homeowner Jerry Smith and Idaho Fish and Game conservation officer Ben Cadwallader watched a mule deer eat from the poisonous yew bush in Smith’s back yard Feb. 3. They followed as the deer ran over a hill.

Snow caving practice hones winter survival skills

Lexi Nelson and Shannon Lavada check out the newly carved snow cave they built near Lookout Pass during an overnight snowshoeing trek with the Spokane Mountaineers. Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review

A group of Spokane Mountaineers shouldered packs last weekend and snowshoed out from Lookout Pass with shovels and positive attitudes for their first winter camping experience in snow caves.


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