The week in eastern Idaho history

100 years ago

Idaho Falls new high school was open for business on Dec. 31, 1918, the furnaces having been fired up in the preceding weeks. A number of finishing touches remained to be done, but an open house, hosted by the junior class, was scheduled for Friday, Jan. 4. “When the people of the community have had an opportunity to view the new building and recognize its beauty, modern construction and ideas, and the general lines on which it is constructed, and the need for an even greater equipment, they will no doubt be glad it is a community possession and will, no doubt, sanction the expenditure for needed additions,” the Idaho Register said. School was to resume Jan. 2 and be held six days a week until April 26, when summer vacation was to begin, “in order that the older children will be available for farm and other work,” the newspaper said.

75 years ago

With a ban on slot machines set to go into effect on Jan. 1, 1943, burglars hit four Idaho Falls locations the night of Dec. 30, making away with six one-armed bandits. Two machines each were taken from Pope’s barbecue on North Highway and at a service station, at Oneida Avenue and Basalt Street. Single machines were taken from Farrer’s lunch counter on Cottage Avenue and Tibbitt’s service station. At each location, the machines were pried from their places with a bar, leading police to believe the work was done by the same crew. Similar robberies were reported in Rigby and Roberts. The amount of money in each machine was undetermined, police said.

50 years ago

The Ammon City Council was to hear the pros and cons of a proposed $1.2 million sewer line project that would connect to the trunk line of Idaho Falls’ system. The connecting line would allow the community, whose population at the time was roughly 2,000, to have its sewage treated at the Idaho Falls plant. The study was made by CH2M Engineering Co. and approved Dec. 11 by the Ammon City Council. The Jan. 3, 1968 meeting was to gauge whether Ammon residents favored the project.

25 years ago

Eastern Idaho got slammed with more than 15 inches of snow the last week of 1992, closing roads paralyzingly air service at Idaho Falls Regional Airport, where a Delta plane diverted from Salt Lake City got its nose wheel stuck in the snow after sliding off the taxi way (no injuries were reported.) The storm closed sections of U.S. Highway 20 and state Highways 32 and 33. About 50 cars were reported stranded on the road to Kelly Canyon Ski Resort. More snow was reported on its way.

Paul Menser is the author of “Legendary Locals of Idaho Falls.”

Paul Menser is the author of “Legendary Locals of Idaho Falls.”