Wax museum revels in ridicule of its statues

Shameka Nurse, a guest host at the Dreamland Wax Museum, works tending to the Donald Trump wax figure standing in an Oval Office scene at the museum, Monday, Aug. 28, 2017, in Boston. Officials at Boston's new Dreamland Wax Museum say they're embracing the extra attention brought by online hecklers who have lampooned some of the attraction's likenesses. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

BOSTON — A good roasting hasn’t caused a meltdown at Boston’s new wax museum.

New tech dimming Hong Kong’s neon glow

In this Aug. 15, 2017, photo, Wu Chi-kai, one of about half a dozen active neon sign masters left in Hong Kong, looks at his work during an interview in Hong Kong. For Hong Kong's famed neon lights, the future looks dim. Neon-lit signs were once ubiquitous here, illuminating city streets with their soft, warm glow and giving the dynamic Asian city a signature look to match its postwar economic boom. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

HONG KONG — For Hong Kong’s famed neon lights, the future looks dim.

A look at Chicago’s iconic Buckingham Fountain

In this Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, photo, visitors to Chicago's Buckingham Fountain are silhouetted by the light display in Grant Park. The final display each night shoots water 150 feet into the air as part of a light and musical crescendo that lasts 20 minutes. (AP Photo/G-Jun Yam)

CHICAGO — A bit after dawn Eric Kelmar and his team of engineers arrive for their routine check of Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain for the day.



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