HS Roundup:Hillcrest girls advance to district semis

At McCowin Park, the Hillcrest High School girls soccer team scored both of its goals in the first half in a 2-0 win over Rigby to begin the 5A District 5-6 tournament.

The win moves the No. 4 seeded Knights (5-9-1) into Monday’s semifinal game at No. 1 seeded Madison at 4 p.m. at Madison Junior High School. Rigby’s season ends at 3-13-0.

Brynlee Christensen scored in the second minute off an Olivia McMurphy assist and McMurphy scored in stoppage time of the first half off an assist from Kalli Beck.

Hillcrest coach Danielle Francis said the wind, which had gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour Saturday in Idaho Falls, was a factor for both teams.

“The funny thing was we scored both our goals in the first half when we were playing against the wind,” Francis said. “They came out ready to play today. They did not want this to be their last game.”

TETON 7, NORTH FREMONT 0: At Driggs, Teton opened the 3A District 6 tournament with a 7-0 win over North Fremont to preserve its season Saturday.

Teton, seeded No. 3 for the tournament, led 5-0 at halftime. The Redskins got goals from Haley Janus (two), Summer Quinlan, Sofie Graupner, Hilary Rodriguez and Raelyn Horrocks. Teton coach Sandy Buckstaff said Saturday was the first time Rodriguez and Horrocks have scored this season.

Buckstaff added that North Fremont had only nine players suit up Saturday. Teton had the option to play 11 versus nine, but opted not to.

“We played nine v. nine,” Teton coach Sandy Buckstaff said. “Everybody (for Teton) played at least half the time.”

Teton (9-7) advances to play Tuesday at 4 p.m. at No. 2 seeded Shelley. North Fremont’s season ends with the loss.

FIRTH 2, SOUTH FREMONT 0: At St. Anthony, Firth began the 3A District 6 tournament with a shut out over South Fremont to preserve its season. No further details were available by deadline.

Firth advances to play Tuesday at 2 p.m. at No. 1 seeded Sugar-Salem. South Fremont’s season ended with the loss.

High school boys soccer

PRESTON 3, SKYLINE 0: At Preston, Preston defeated a depleted Skyline team to begin 4A District 5-6 play and preserve its season.

Skyline coach Byruan Moretz said 12 players were able to make the trip Saturday. Injuries, illnesses and eligibity issues took a toll on his roster, and he had to call up some JV players for the game.

“I had eight of my starters that couldn’t play,” Moretz said. “Not to take away from Preston—they did what they had to do to win—but it’s hard to compete with it. It was a B team playing an A team. I was pleased with those players who made the trip. All you can do is try your best and it is what it is.”

Preston (5-7-5) advances to play Monday at 4 p.m. at No. 1 seeded Blackfoot. Skyline’s season ends at 3-8-4.

HIGHLAND 1, BONNEVILLE 1 (4-2 Highland in penalty kicks): At Pocatello, Highland outlasted Bonneville to begin the 5A District 5-6 tournament.

The Rams and Bees finished full time knotted at 1-1. The score did not change after overtime, prompting penalty kicks and Highland prevailed.

Highland advances to play Monday at 4 p.m. versus No. 1 seeded Hillcrest at McCowin Park. The loss ends Bonneville’s season at 2-15-1.

SOUTH FREMONT 1, FIRTH 1 (3-3 in PKs, South Fremont won in sudden death PKs): At St. Anthony, No. 4 seeded South Fremont went the distance against No. 5 Firth to begin 3A District 6 tournament play.

The teams were knotted at 1-1 after full time and the score remained unchanged through overtime. After ending the first round of penalty kicks tied at 3-3, the game went to sudden death penalty kicks and South Fremont survived and advanced.

Firth’s season ends with the loss. South Fremont plays Tuesday at 4 p.m. at No. 1 seeded Sugar-Salem.

High school cross-country

Salmon Invitational

Friday at Salmon Golf Course

Varsity boys

Team scores: 1. Salmon 26, 2. Challis 54, 3. Ririe 61, 4. North Fremont 96, 5. West Jefferson 140

Individual results

1. Andy Gebhardt (SAL) 17:51.5; 2. John Simmons (SAL) 18:28.86; 3. McClay Sommers (SAL) 19:04.49; 4. Takehito Koizuka (CH) 19:07.58; 5. Stetson Machen (RIR) 19:11.40; 6. Nathan Tanner (RIR) 19:16.68; 7. Ty Redick (CH) 19:26.61; 8. Asher Johnston (NF) 19:44.68; 9. Treygan Bragg (SAL) 19:45.86; 10. Austin Beyeler (Leadore) 19:46.45; 11. Stetson Potter (NF) 19:48.71; 12. Ammon Tolman (SAL) 19:54.46; 13. Jayce Giampedraglia (CH) 20:22.52; 14. Logan Kearsley (RIR) 20;25.62; 15. Connor Born (SAL) 20:26.68; 16. Tucker Brown (CH) 20:29.58; 17. Charlie Bullock (CH) 20:37.17; 18. Eli Gebhardt (SAL) 20:39.92; 19. Ryker Tomchak (Leadore) 20:53.99; 20. Chris Gunderson (RIR) 21:18.99; 21. Kelly Lind (Leadore0 21:24.24; 22. Brennan Green (RIR) 21:30.05; 23. Devon Henderson (RIR) 21:45.62; 24. Jesse Riding (CH) 21:58.4; 25. Caden Johnston (NF) 22:25.37; 26. Kevin Shaw (RIR) 22:27.18; 27. Dylan Vanderschaaf (SAL) 22:36.52; 28. Jason Wood (RIR) 22:49.14; 29. Charles Miller (CH) 23:10.08; 30. Jack Wynn (NF) 23:15.9; 31. Michael Reyes (WJ) 23:18.86; 32. Ezra Atlas (SAL) 23:20.05; 33. D.J. Lanier (CH) 23:53.71; 34. Jose Mendoza (WJ) 24:05.3; 35. Ian Renova (WJ) 24:12.81; 36. Riley Shaw (CH) 24:26.99; 37. John Koenig (SAL) 25:05.54; 38. Brenden Lounsbury (WJ) 25:10.08; 39. Evan Renova (WJ) 27:06.58; 40. Ross Wynn (NF) 29:35.43; 41. Seth Hansen (Butte County) 30:23.68; 42. Ian Deweese (SAL) 31:27.72; 43. Weston Mackay (Leadore) 34:45.36; 44. Conagher Cox (CH) 36:29.42

Varsity girls

Team scores: 1. Ririe 28, 2. Salmon 29

Individual results

1. Katie Jo Gebhardt (SAL) 22:07.52; 2. Keyra Bragg (SAL) 22:32.11; 3. Kazel Webb (RIR) 23:02.62; 4. Eden Griffith (RIR) 23:04.93; 5. Taylor Trimble (RIR) 23:08.93; 6. Elizabeth Spencer (WJ) 23:09.64; 7. Leah Cannon (SAL) 23:19.58; 8. Anna Boone (RIR) 23:40.24; 9. Cherish Duncan (SAL) 23:43.70; 10. Saryah Olson (RIR) 23:58.62; 11. Allie Severe (WJ) 24:04.61; 12. Sara Boone (RIR) 24:21.58; 13. Maddie Johnson (RIR) 24:30.65; 14. Rachel Gebhardt (SAL) 24:34.87; 15. Taya Brown (RIR) 24:46.78; 16. Avery Cole (SAL) 25:00.4; 17. Ariana Williams (SAL) 25:07.83; 18. Taylee Mathews (SAL) 25:23.24; 19. Kaitlyn Burgess (SAL) 25:44.46; 20. Paige Hilton (SAL) 26:22.21; 21. Nicole Fisher (WJ) 27:08.23; 22. Indee Williams (RIR) 27:10.17; 23. Kate Miller (RIR) 27:13.08; 24. Hannah Aldous (CH) 27:36.90; 25. Katherine Berasi (SAL) 27:43.02; 26. Victoria Wilcox (SAL) 28:59.05; 27. Allie McDonald (WJ) 29:08.24; 28. Kennedee Bohn (NF) 29:09.30; 29. Jamie Spence (CH) 29:52.31; 30. Virginia Reva (RIR) 30:23.49; 31. Jessica Hild (CH) 30:26.84; 32. Macy Reinke (NF) 33:00.92