Snow leopards born at Tautphaus Park Zoo

Two snow leopard cubs were born to 8-year-old Sundarii on May 7. Submitted photo

A pair of snow leopards were born last month at Tautphaus Park Zoo.

The Idaho Falls facility announced the births in a Thursday news release. When the cubs were born May 7, one weighed 1.4 pounds and the other 1.2 pounds. By May 29, however, they weighed 4.4. pounds and 3.7 pounds, respectively.

“It is not unusual for one cub to be larger than the other,” Superintendent Beth Rich said in the release.

The cubs’ mother is 8-year-old Sundarii. They were fathered by 4-year-old Ketu. While Sundarii has raised litters in the past, Ketu is a first-time father, the release said.

“The public will be able to view the cubs as soon as they are large enough and mobile enough to navigate the exhibit and when their mother is comfortable with them leaving the den,” Rich said.

That should happen in about four weeks, the release said.

Once they are in the exhibit, the zoo will conduct a contest to name the cubs with the proceeds going to preserve snow leopards in the wild.

Snow leopards are endangered due to habitat and prey loss, as well as poaching, the release said. Only a few thousand survive in the wild.