Baby whose mom chose birth over chemo has died

This October 2013 family photo shows Carrie DeKlyen and husband Nick DeKlyen in Grand Rapids, Mich. Carrie DeKlyen, who sacrificed the chance to prolong her life to give birth to her sixth child, Life Lynne DeKlyen, died Sept. 9, 2017. DeKlyen declined the treatment for her brain cancer, since it would have meant ending her pregnancy. Her daughter Life Lynn, died Wednesday Sept. 20, 2017, at University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. (Michelle Werkema/Courtesy of Sonya Nelson via AP, File)

DETROIT (AP) — The baby born of a Michigan woman who chose to forgo chemotherapy to give birth to the child has died, a relative said Thursday.

Top state aide accused of sexually, racially harassing employee while boss let it happen

BOISE A former Idaho State Controller’s Office employee has filed a claim alleging a supervisor who recently left two state jobs sexually and racially harassed her and discriminated against her. The head of the Controller’s Office let the harassment continue, she says. 

Pocatello scraps ridiculed flag, unveils new design

The city’s website describes the new flag as representing the three mountain peaks most prominent to Pocatello — Scout Mountain, Kinport Peak, and Chinese Peak. The peaks also symbolize industry, recreation and education, the website said. The lower white portion of the compass star is suggestive of snowy peaks. The blue symbolizes the sky and blue line near the bottom of the flag symbolizes the Portneuf River. courtesy city of Pocatello

POCATELLO (AP) — Pocatello raised a new flag in front of its city hall after its old one was described as the worst on the continent.



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