Psychiatrists shortage leaves patients struggling to find help

Dr. Matt Larsen, psychiatry department chairman for Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, poses for a photo. Larsen uses characters from the movie “Inside Out,” to help treat young patients. The Pixar film’s plot revolves around a character learning how to deal with emotions. “It’s about realizing all emotions are good,” said Larsen. John Roark /

If you break your arm, or catch a cold, a trip to the doctor’s office will fix most woes. But what happens when the doctor isn’t there to fix an arm, or help heal a cough?

Families of former DOE employees may be entitled to compensation for occupational-related deaths

Q: My husband worked at an Atomic Energy Commission site during the 1960s. He wore a dosimeter and was always on-call to respond to emergencies, which I understood to be related to radiation leaks. Ten years ago, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he died about two years later from that disease. I recently heard that benefits might be available for survivors of former energy employees. Could those apply to me?

Report finds holes in child representation

An Office of Performance Evaluations report on representation for children and youth in child protection cases found that “gaps in representation have occurred and the state does not have a way to validate all children and youth are being served.” Getty Images

Idaho has serious gaps in representation for children involved in protective services cases, according to a report by the Office of Performance Evaluation.



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