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We welcome guest opinions of 450 words or fewer as long as they are local, won't get us sued, and, if addressing theology, do so only in the context of public policy debates. We strongly encourage writers to use a civil tone and refrain from the use of epithets or name-calling. You must include your last name and either your first name or first and middle initials. The guest opinion must also include an address and daytime phone number, which we use to verify authorship but keep confidential. Opinions submitted via this form, or via email, are preferred. If faxed or mailed, opinions should be typed.

A note on columns & op-eds:

The op-eds on the Post Register Commentary page are around 450-500 words. Again, we insist on using a civil tone, and we do check resources and references, which should be available upon request.

We do not re-type commentary over 250 words. Works of over 250 words should be submitted electronically. Preference will be given to columns written on local, regional or state topics.


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