Newsroom Ethics

Are we walking our talk?

Roger Plothow
Editor and Publisher

The Post Register newsroom has adopted and localized the code of ethics developed by the Society of Professional Journalists. But, like any institution, we also need to be held accountable. To make sure that happens, here is a series of web pages that spell out our code and our profession's standards of practice.

If you feel the paper or an individual news staffer has behaved unethically, call me immediately at 208-522-1800 or email me at rplothow@postregister.

You can also challenge our behavior in a letter to the editor or by reporting us to another media outlet, whose professional standards should include the duty to report on the ethical decision-making of the media.

If you'd like to see an interactive presentation of specific stories in which we applied the code and standards to govern decisions about writing, photography and display, click here.

There's also a section disclosing staffers who are in conflict with standards of practice, as well as recent actions taken to enforce violations of our standards. To see those, click here.