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User Defined: Type in your own keywords to search for. Keywords must be longer than 3 characters.

  • All words - All words will appear in the article that is searched.
  • Exact phrase - The keywords that you have entered will appear in the order that you typed them in.
  • Any Words - Any one or more of the keywords that you entered will be contained in the story.

Pre-Defined: Stories have been tagged with certain keywords based on content. This is a list of the current keywords that are being used.


The byline is an optional field to help narrow your search. If you know who the writer is use this field.


A list of all sections currently in use. This field is optional. If you know what section a story ran in, you can narrow your search to that section or those sections.


The date or dates that you wish to per form your search on. This field is not optional.

  • Last 60 days - Search the last sixty days starting with today.
  • Specific date - Enter a specific date to search if you know the day that the article was published.
  • Date Range - Enter a range of dates going back to Jan.14 1991. The range can be as large or small as you would like. Click the calendar icon on the right to choose your date.

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Searches can take as little as a few seconds to a few minutes to be preformed. Please be patient while the search is preformed. Also note that, previous searches that are executed are cached. This allows for fast returns on searchs that are similarly executed.

If no search area is chosen then the search will look in all sections.

If no keyword is chosen then the search will look for all keywords.

The narrower your search, the faster it will be.

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This box shows the criteria that you entered. Also, Let's you know how many results there were and how long the search took to complete. To refine your search use the "Back to Search" button. If you use the browser back button you will be forced to re-enter your search criteria. (Sorry)

The results of your search will be displayed by the date of publication, in descending order. Click the headline of the story that you would like to read. Each story will be launched in a new tab or browser wind depending on how your browser is configured.

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