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The Classified Ad Search will search 28 days of classified ads if you are logged in, and provide access to the legal ads.
(To login you must be a current subscriber to the Post Register Online edition)

If you are not a subscriber skip to the next step. If you are logged in select a date or date range.

If you are not logged you will see the current days classifieds.
To use the classifieds select one or more categories.
The current day of classifieds are available for free. Access to the classified archives and legal ads are available only to subscribers.

Next select one or more sub-categories. You may also search the ads by choosing your search criteria and pressing Submit.

When the search finishes a page displaying the ads will appear. At the top of the ads you will see a box showing how many ads where returned from the search, what categories where searched, the query string (if any), and the dates that where searched.

Under the result box you will find two buttons, View Stored Ads and Store Ads. The View Stored Ads button will show you the ads you stored, with the option of viewing the ads in printable form. The Store Ads button will store the ads that have a check in the check box next to the Save Ad text. The Remove Ads button will remove the ads that have a check in the check box next to the Remove Ad text.

To save one or more ads just click the box next to the Save Ad text and press the Store Ads button.

To view a single ad as printable just click on the View Printable Ad link.

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