The F.A.Q. page will help guide you in the correct direction for diagnosing your problem.

When I go to Postregister.com I get a page with all kinds of options, I just want read the Online edition. How do I get past this page?

Press the newspaper logo with the text "Continue to Postregister.com" above it; this will get you right to the Postregister.com home page.

I am asked to login again when I change sections or stories.

You may be using the back button of your browser. If you use the left hand navigation bar to move from one section to another you avoid being logged out. Another logout issue we have encountered is properly setting your cookies. For help, please refer to the cookies help page.

I'm told that I did not log out of my prior session.

This can happen if you switch browsers or close the browser and reopen it without logging out. In order to login, allow the server to reset by waiting 10 minutes to login again. When you are through reading your online edition you should use the logout button at the top right of the screen.

What version of Adobe® Reader™ works best to view the games?

Acrobat® Reader™ 5.0 or above
Get Acrobat Reader

All I want is an obituary why do I have to pay?

We fulfill all requests for obituary or death notice information that is less than one year old for free. When you visit www.postregister.com you will see a Free Links area on the left hand side navigation bar. Choose the link called Obituary Request. Fill out the request with as much information as you have and we will e-mail the information back to you. The request is usually processed within 24 hours. If your request is more than one year old you can research it for free at the Idaho Falls public library. You can also utilize the Advanced Search options of www.postregister.com with a subscription to the Post Register Online edition. Please visit us at www.postregister.com/subscribe for more information.

Where are the legal notices located?

You must have an active subscription to view the Legal notices. Be sure you login then click on Classifieds. Choose the date you wish to view (Legal notices are usually printed in the Tuesday editions) and click submit. Choose Announcements from the menu options and click submit. Then choose Legals and click submit.

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