Post Register putting local first

January 17, 2016


No matter how inevitable, no one likes change.

If you ask my wife, she might suggest I am the president of the “I Hate Change Club.” But sometimes change is good. The Post Register has been through some changes recently and there will be more to come. I’ll do my best to explain what we are changing and why.

First off, we will be reconfiguring the Post Register’s layout. We have been placing our top local articles on A1 for years while running the bulk of our local content in a separate West section. Soon, we will start moving more local content to the front of the A section.

Most items you currently see in what has long been known as the West section will move into the A section. The West section front will be eliminated, but its content will remain in the paper. This change allows us to put what we consider to be our most important content — local news — front and center. It also gives sports its own section front everyday.

National and international news will still be in the paper. They will find a new home behind the local and regional content. We will still put significant national and international news on A1 when warranted, but we believe articles of local interest should take precedence. Local news, sports and features are what we can provide better than any other news source. Honestly, most national and international news is available from so many sources, including at, on a 24/7 basis that it makes no sense for us, as a small local newspaper, to try and compete with that content in our printed product.

The current plan is to make this change mid-February. My hope is you will like the changes and they will make the Post Register more relevant to you, our readers. I also understand change is difficult and with that in mind, I welcome your thoughts and input. Please feel free to email, write or call me.

Monte LaOrange is the Post Register’s managing editor. He can be reached at 208-542-6795.

His email address is; or you can write to him at PO Box 1800, Idaho Falls ID 83401.