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This is in reply to two letters appearing in the Post Register on March 2. First of all, to Glen Briscoe of Rigby: How can you compare the reporting of the LDS church and Boy Scout articles to yellow journalism? Are you saying it was yellow journalism just because it involved the LDS church? I did not see a letter from you regarding yellow journalism when the Catholic Church had all the publicity printed in this same newspaper on the same topic.

Also, I feel the reopening of this case against the LDS church and the Boy Scouts indeed was objective. I thought the object of news reporting was to inform the public of all things newsworthy. I feel the Post Register has done a great job in keeping us all informed. I pay for my newspaper by the year, and when my subscription comes due in a few months, I will be the first in line to renew my subscription.

Now, to Robbie Sleight: I am so happy you have such a high regard for Brad Stowell because he has put his past behind him and moved on to being "so kind, full of light, friendly and an excellent teacher" and that he has "served your LDS ward willingly and with a strong knowledge of Jesus Christ." Where was all this kindness and friendliness and devotion to Jesus when he was molesting boys? You said you can see the sorrow in Brad's face. Have you looked at any of the boys he molested to see the sorrow in their faces? And I doubt they will ever be able to put their past completely behind them. I'm sure they are trying and I hope they succeed, because it was not their fault.

Thank you to the boys who stepped forward and tried to put an end to this. Please hold your heads up high with dignity. All the boys involved, hopefully, can put their past behind them and always, always, hold their heads up high with dignity.


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