A wolf in the coop

I have never in my life written a "letter to the editor" to any newspaper until now. After reading the letter from Robbie Sleight, "Stowell's a changed man," I feel compelled to express my opinion.

Robbie, you can't be serious! Do you have children or grandchildren? Would you even consider sending them to a Scout camp knowing Brad Stowell's background and be comfortable with him even being there in any capacity? I can appreciate your Christlike ability to forgive, but you need to add a little common sense. Would you really put a "wolf in a chicken coop?"

You say he is a changed man. Are you a trained or certified psychologist or pedophile counselor? By the way, a vice such as this is in no way similar to alcohol or drug abuse. His vice is directly aimed at the destruction of people's children -- not just his own well-being. By the way, I also have an LDS background, but I wouldn't let that person anywhere near my or anyone else's children or grandchildren.

I applaud the Post Register for placing such an article (series) right on the front page where it will get the attention it deserves. I still have a hard time believing that the members of the Scout council would allow a known child abuser anywhere near their organization. Maybe it's time to examine more closely and even replace those who stuck their "head in the sand."

Robbie, I commend you for being a forgiving Christian, but suggesting that we all "stick our head in the sand" and ignore what just "slapped us in the face" is not reasonable.


Idaho Falls

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