Stowell's a changed man

You published more of a point of view than a factual story concerning Brad Stowell. It seems that more is to follow in a "series" of exploiting the Boy Scouts of America. The reality is that you are reliving a nightmare for a man who I consider to be a good person.

I would like you to publish my point of view also so that the readers of this series can know the flip side of the coin.

I have known Stowell for two years now. I know him to be kind, full of light, friendly and an excellent teacher. He has a wonderful wife who helps him be a better person. He has served in our LDS ward with a willing heart and a strong knowledge of Jesus Christ. He has put his past behind him. He holds his head up with dignity.

His past involved a vice, similar to alcohol abuse or drug abuse, which he had to free himself from the grip. It's sad that it involved children.

He still carries that sorrow; you can see it in his face. But he has overcome, he is a changed person. He is a terrific person. It's a shame that some people will see his name and only think ill of him.

Please don't judge him too harshly. Please leave him alone.


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