Dennis Empey

- Sunday, about 1 a.m., the third week of camp in June 1983: Junior counselor Jeff Bird says waterfront instructor Dennis Empey flashed a gun at the Island Park Scout Camp and anally raped him. (Jeff Bird's sworn statement dated June 23, 2005)

- The next Monday: Bird says he reported the alleged rape to Camp Director Kim Hansen, who Bird says ignored him. (Bird's sworn statement)

- Late summer, 1983: A relative of Bonneville County Commissioner Lee Staker says he was molested by Empey at a Scout sleepover near Idaho Falls.

- September 1983 to April 1984: Empey attends Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, studying to become a child counselor. (BYU registrar, interview with Commissioner Staker)

Jeff Hardin

- August to April, 1987: Jeff Hardin attends Ricks College in Rexburg (BYU-Idaho registrar). He was pursuing a degree in counseling. (Chubbuck Police report)

- 1988: Brad Stowell, 16, admits to Blackfoot police, his mother and his LDS bishop that he abused a 6-year-old neighbor. Stowell is sent to LDS Social Services for counseling.

- 1988: Stowell is hired to teach first aid at Camp Little Lemhi. He later testified he started preying on campers that summer.

- 1989: Stowell is hired as a waterfront instructor at Camp Little Lemhi.

- 1990: Stowell is rehired.

- 1990: Hardin, another waterfront instructor at Camp Little Lemhi, befriends a Scout he later molests. (Chubbuck Police report)

- Early 90s: Empey volunteers at Scout camps in Utah. (Commissioner Staker)

Brad Stowell

- Between Nov. 22 1990 and May 10, 1991: Former waterfront instructor Empey rapes children in Utah, flashing a gun beforehand.

- 1991: Camp Little Lemhi director Richard Snow hires Stowell as assistant aquatics director.

- May 10, 1991: A Utah County prosecutor in Utah charges Empey with five felony crimes for raping two children. Two days later, he pleads guilty to three charges. (Criminal case)

- April 27, 1991: Police say they need more witnesses to investigate the Stowell sex-abuse case. The father of the 6-year-old Stowell molested says, "The things that happened to our son were minor compared to what happened to others." (Idaho State Journal, April 28, 1991)

- May 23, 1991: A Stowell neighbor, Richard J. Scarborough, reports to the national Boy Scouts of America that a child molester -- Brad Stowell -- was hired.

- Sept. 9, 1991: Between 4:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. Hardin molests a child he met at camp at the child's home.

- Sept. 13, 1991: Empey's neighbor writes a judge a letter saying, "this man has molested so many children that it involved four [b]ishops from [T]he Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-[d]ay Saints."

- Oct. 8, 1991: Empey is sentenced to felony probation. (Criminal case)

- Oct. 24, 1991: Hardin is charged with lewd conduct with a child under 16, which he later pleads guilty to committing. Hardin is released from jail on his own recognizance.

- Dec. 15, 1991: Hardin is sentenced. He is put on felony probation as a sex offender. (Criminal case)

- - 1993: Judith Stowell, mother of Brad Stowell, joins Grand Teton Council Executive Board after 14 years as a Cub Scout leader. She later affirms that Hardin's molestations were "public knowledge."

- Aug. 12, 1993: Empey is discharged from probation. (Criminal case)

- January 14, 1994: Scarborough writes to the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, complaining that local church leaders are ignoring his warning about the pedophile, Brad Stowell, in the LDS Scout troop.

- 1995: Snow hires Brad Stowell as aquatics director.

- 1995: Office of Elder Vaughan Featherstone of the LDS church First Quorum of the Seventy forwards a tip about Stowell to the Boy Scouts of America's official church liaison, C. Hart Bullock. Bullock orders the Grand Teton Council to check it out.

- January 1995: Carol Scarborough tells Camp Little Lemhi program director Jim Summers that Brad Stowell molested a neighbor boy.

- June 1995: Grand Teton Council executive Brad Allen calls Brad Stowell's bishop, who confirms Stowell was sent to counseling after the 1988 incident. When asked, Stowell tells Allen there was an "incident" but says he is over it.

- 1996: Camp Little Lemhi director Robert Fawcett promotes Brad Stowell to camp programs director.

- Jan. 3, 1996: Hardin is placed on unsupervised probation. (Criminal case)

July 1996: Approximate date of Hansen's promotion to executive director of the Grand Teton Council. (Sworn statements of Hansen and Allen)

- June 1996: Fawcett admonishes Stowell to stop breaking Scout rules against being alone with campers and touching them too much.

- 1997: Little Lemhi director Elias Lopez rehires Brad Stowell as programs director.

- June 1997: Lopez admonishes Brad Stowell to stop breaking Scout rules against being alone with campers.

- July 11, 1997: Brad Stowell is arrested at Camp Little Lemhi for child sex abuse.

- July 21, 1997: Hardin's probation ends and the felony molestation conviction is reduced to a misdemeanor. (Criminal case)

- Dec. 3, 1997: Brad Stowell is sentenced to five months in jail plus 15 years probation.

- Nov. 30, 1999: Brad Stowell confesses in civil court testimony a that he molested 24 children.

January 2001: The court refuses victims' request to open files in the negligence case against the Boy Scouts.

- Jan. 31, 2001: Gary Dance, a Boy Scouts' attorney, says he didn't want to "open old wounds" by contacting the parents of Brad Stowell's victims.

- 2001: Grand Teton Council settles first negligence case brought by a victim of Brad Stowell.

This Dennis Empey photo, copyright 2002, was on the Grand Teton Council Web site until mid-June.

- 2002: Empey takes pictures that later appear on the Grand Teton Council's Web site. Grand Teton Council President Dave Smith later says Empey was paid for supplies to do graphic design work but didn't have contact with children.

- Feb. 26, 2002: Brad Stowell is accepted at law school at Santa Clara University. In his application, he tells the school that in 1997 he "inappropriately touched two staff members who were boys under the age of 16."

2004: The Grand Teton Council receives an award for having one of the best risk management plans among all Boy Scout Councils. (Boy Scouts of America's national office)

- November 2004: Grand Teton Council settles second negligence case brought by a victim of Brad Stowell.

- Nov. 6, 2004: With his probation officer's permission, Brad Stowell goes on a "Kayak Adventure" with the Royal Caribbean cruise line. Cruise officials said some of the trips Stowell went on probably included children.

January 2005: Bonneville County Court officials say all traces of the civil court case between the Boy Scouts and a boy molested by Stowell had been erased from the public record because of a computer glitch.

January 2005: A panel formed by the Idaho Supreme Court investigates the apparent disappearance of the case. The panel asks the judge to make information about the case public.

March 10, 2005: Judge W.H. Woodland orders court clerks to open the negligence case.

- April 25, 2005: Brad Stowell sentenced to two to 14 years in prison for violating probation.

- April/May 2005: Grand Teton Council removes all references on its Web site giving Empey credit for the work he did for them. Council President Dave Smith later confirms that Empey was paid for supplies used for graphic design work.

- May 16, 2005: Adam Steed celebrated for heroism by the Idaho Falls Police Department and the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office for turning Brad Stowell in to authorities.

- May 23, 2005: Hardin molestation case unsealed.

- July 1, 2005: Jeff Bird files a sworn affidavit in Bannock County court, alleging that Empey raped him while he was at Island Park Scout Camp and that Hansen ignored him when he reported the attack.




Sources: Unless otherwise noted, the events described in this graphic were described by sworn testimony, exhibits and records in Bonneville County civil case CV-99-3416, Bonneville County civil case CV-03-1877, Bonneville County Criminal case CR-97-2659, Bannock County civil case CV-05-812OC, Bannock County criminal case C-5548-B and Utah County, Utah criminal case 911400153; Post Register archives; and record-keepers from the Idaho Department of Correction and the Utah Department of Corrections. When records contradicted one another, information from the criminal case was used and the source is noted.

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