B. Stowell




Brad Stowell
Eagle Scout, Camp Little Lemhi counselor, promoted to camp
program director

The Perpetrator
Started molesting boys in 1988 at age 16. Admits to 24 victims in Blackfoot, at Scout Camp Little Lemhi and during his LDS mission in Alaska. Sentenced to 150 days in jail.

Cannot leave Bonneville County for seven years. Now 32, married, working in RV sales. Probation forbids contact with kids and requires regular lie detector tests.

Judith Stowell
mother of Brad Stowell,
18-year Scouting volunteer

Silent Mother
Was on executive committee of Grand Teton Council, and from 1988 on, never told fellow Scout and Camp Little Lemhi leaders that her son confessed he molested a 6-year-old boy.

Retired Blackfoot High School teacher. No longer a Scout officer. Hall of Fame member, Grand Teton Council.

Lorin Talbot
bishop of Stowell's LDS congregation

The Confessor
Heard 16-year-old Brad Stowell's confession. Arranged counseling through LDS Social Services. Vouched for Stowell when Scout leaders inquired into tips that Stowell was a pedophile. Testified on his behalf at sentencing.

Released from his duties as bishop shortly after Stowell finished counseling. Did not learn of Stowell's abuse during mission until Feb. 26, 2005.

Kim Hansen
Grand Teton Council's paid director

Scouts' Apologist
Reported to Grand Teton Council executive committee, which included Brad Stowell's mother, Judith. Responsible for youth-protection program.

Grand Teton Council's paid director. Any reports of improper activities by Scouts, Scout volunteers or Scout staff are to be sent through Hansen to national headquarters, which maintains the national eligibility list that is used to weed out those who do not uphold Boy Scout standards of behavior and morality.

Jim Summers
Camp Little Lemhi program director

The Recruiter
Recruited Brad Stowell after being warned by a fellow teacher that Stowell was a pedophile.

No longer on the Boy Scouts of America's paid professional staff. No further information available.

Brad Allen
Grand Teton Council executive

The Investigator
Investigated 1995 warning about Stowell by talking to Stowell and Stowell's LDS bishop, Lorin Talbot. Both said there was an "incident" with a 6-year-old boy, but assured him there was no problem. Allen not place Stowell on notice. He did not report Stowell's background to the Boy Scouts.

Promoted to director of a multistate Scout region, then promoted to director of the Boy Scouts' LDS Relations office in Salt Lake City.

Richard Snow
Camp Little Lemhi program director

The Perpetrator's Boss
Hired Brad Stowell in 1995 after being told Stowell was a pedophile.


Robert Fawcett
Grand Teton Council director of camping and Camp Little Lemhi director

Another Boss
Recruited Stowell to be camp program director, based on his observation of Stowell's "personal power" to motivate youths and adults. Admonished Stowell for sitting a boy on his lap and massaging the boy's back.

Promoted from a second-tier job at Grand Teton Council to top Scouting job with Maui County (Hawaii) Boy Scout council.

Elias Lopez
Grand Teton Council district executive and Camp Little Lemhi director

Hero or Goat?
Rehired Stowell to be camp program director, admonished him in June to stop giving campers rides home, alone, from camp. Either called the police willingly or was forced to by campers.

Currently employed at a carpet store in Idaho Falls. No longer on Boy Scouts of America paid professional staff.

Sources: Interviews, sworn testimony and exhibits from Bonneville County civil case CV-99-3416

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