Printed on: March 27, 2013

Student held in alleged kill plot

By Ruth Brown

A Rigby Junior High School student who put together a list of students and adults he reportedly targeted for death was detained by authorities Monday and will undergo a mental health evaluation.

The boy's parents called police at 10:21 p.m. Monday when they found the list, which contained the names of fellow students and some adults, Rigby Police Chief Keith Hammon said.

Adults on the list were police officers, but they were not identified by name.

Police believe school bullying was a factor. The parents of all of the students on the list have been notified, Hammon said. He did not specify how many people were on the list.

With the help of the boy's parents, officers discovered a bag of weapons at the boy's home. Weapons in the bag included multiple knives and handguns, Hammon said. The guns belonged to the boy's parents. The bag also contained a significant amount of ammunition.

Hammon declined to specify how many weapons were in the bag or the caliber of the guns.

The boy's list was found on his electronic tablet, Hammon said. It did not specify a specific time or location where he planned to commit the crimes.

Because the boy is a juvenile, his name was not disclosed by police. His age and grade in school also were not disclosed.

The boy was being detained Tuesday afternoon and police planned to transport him to the Behavioral Health Center in Idaho Falls.

Police do not believe the boy had partners who helped him put together the list, Hammon said.

The Rigby Police Department is investigating the incident with the assistance of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

It has not been determined whether charges will be filed, Hammon said.

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