Printed on: April 02, 2013

Boy with alleged kill list is still being held

By Ruth Brown

RIGBY -- A Rigby Junior High School student who police said made a list of his fellow students to kill appeared Monday in a closed courtroom with his parents.

Magistrate Judge Robert Crowley sealed the case because the boy is a juvenile.

The boy, whose name is not being released, is charged with misdemeanor battery.

The battery charge stems from a reported fight the boy was in at school the same day police found the weapons and the plot to kill.

Rigby Police Chief Keith Hammon said after court the boy will remain in custody at the St. Anthony Five County Detention and Youth Rehabilitation Center, where he will undergo mental health treatment.

His arrest came March 25 when police responded to the boy's home after his parents reportedly found a list of people he wanted to kill. Police also found a bag containing multiple knives and at least two handguns and ammunition, Hammon said. The guns belonged to the boy's parents.

Hammon did not disclose how many weapons were in the bag. He said the guns were of a "small caliber." Police have declined to comment on how many students were on the list.

Jefferson County Prosecutor Robin Dunn said after court that he hopes the community learns from this incident.

"We need to educate people about what to do with bullying and how to report it," Dunn said.

Dunn also said he hopes to see some legislation changes because under current laws, he cannot file any further charges in the case.

"There is nothing we can do if a crime hasn't been committed (yet)," Dunn said. "There's nothing on the books."

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