Printed on: September 29, 2011

BYU-Idaho recognized for its innovative approach


Brigham Young University-Idaho's groundbreaking approach was highlighted in an Aug. 2 opinion piece titled "The U.S.'s Strength Is Leadership: The Innovators," written by Brad Hall.

The piece appeared on the financial news website thestreet .com.

Hall is managing director of Human Capital Systems, which designs systems to improve performance in the workforce. He also has a doctorate in industrial-organizational psychology from Tulane University.

Hall cited the book "The Innovative University," which was co-authored by Henry Eyring, a senior administrator at BYU-Idaho, and Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, whom Hall describes as an authority on innovation.

"Their book ... arrives at a time when many parents are no longer able to pay exorbitant tuitions and states are cutting back funding," Hall wrote. "Education, one of the most change-resistant professions, needs to change."

Hall detailed many of the ways in which BYU-Idaho is committed to developing graduates with leadership skills.

He concluded: "Maybe America should strengthen its strength: more and better global leaders. We teach our children science and math. How would America's competitiveness change if we spent equal time teaching leadership?"

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